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Swing Trio by Koui Swing Trio by Koui
Now this is more like it!

As most of you are aware I am not a manga artist and got a little bit tired of drawing in that fashion, so I went back to my pin-ups source and cam across Vargas, George Petty, and Jack Cole who are more styalized than Elvgren the last of the three is known more for one panel comics he made for Playboy, and Petty's girls were more exaggerated [he also preferred to draw them in ballet slippers en-point instead of wearing high heels]

this time I used the actual characters these girls represent to draw their facial if you feel odd liking this don't feel bad :icontrollface:

anyway this picture was based on Disorder in the Court's musical number, only the clothing fits more with Termites of 1938 [wherupon they pretend to play instruments---badly] Babe was going to be the only one in full length stockings but I thought it didn't fit 83

In the future I'm going to try and avoid high heels in the case of these three because I'm worried about Campbell syndrome [my term for drawing barbie doll feet that have frozen ankles and an inability to walk without high heels---because you cannot draw feet at my case I'm just worried I'll start relying on them too much]

for those who don't know I turned the three stooges into pin-up girls for fun

Pin-up 1

Pin-up 2

Pin-up that started this series
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